Pau Hana

Pau Hana - 12'-0" x 30" - 2020 Endurance XL - Ebony Burl / Teal *****Factory Blemishes

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****We've been authorized to sell this current year board at a reduced price due to factory blemishes on the board. There are locations within the dark ebony portion of the board where some of the reinforcement fabric can be is visible below the smooth clear epoxy finish. This does not affect the performance of the board. The blemishes are cosmetic in nature. Pau Hana's manufacturer warranty is still valid.


This stand up paddle board is best for touring and fishing.  The Endurance XL is the ultimate touring paddle board with a higher volume and payload capacity than the regular Endurance so you can carry 100 more pounds of gear or bigger people.


The ultimate touring board now comes in a higher volume that adds another 100lbs of payload. In addition, it now has four through holes for staking, locking or adding an electronic fish finder. This is an excellent displacement fishing board with plenty of options for accessories. It features 35 strategically placed SeaMounts® as well.