Werner - FLASH 85 - Kid'S - Adjustable

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As parents we want to be mindful of what we spend on beginner gear for our young paddlers. "What if they don't like it?" "They're going to grow out of it." Werner has addressed these concerns with the Flash 85 kids SUP paddle. Great craftsmanship and materials at an amazing price, and the adjustability to grow with your child from ages 6 to 13. This paddle helps make their time on the water with you as enjoyable as possible with more efficient blade design and size, light swing weight and kid sized shaft. The Flash 85 is the total package and your ticket to more family fun on the water.

  • The simple to use adjustable system extends with 16" of height range, growing with your child from 3'8" to 5' or approximatley 6 to 13 years of age.
  • A proven, simple and precise adjustable length mechanism, we've made great additions like printing height and paddle length righ on shaft, making it easy to choose your childs proper paddle length.
  • A small, 85sq" blade size helps reduce strain and fatigue and keep kids happier and on the water longer.
  • The longer, rectangular, slender design is easier on the body with a more gentle catch. Higher cadence and less fatigue without sacrificing blade size and power.
  • Advanced designs down to your childs paddle, like dihedra blade design. The ridge down the middle of the power face, allows for smooth and stable forward paddling. A core philosophy for Werner.
  • When shopping our Standard performance, you’ll see Werner's heritage for a better paddling paddle, at introductory prices.
  • Injection molded blades are impact and wear resistant. They have light swing weight for the value, while maintaining the design elements that are direct from our more advanced paddles. Smooth, stable strokes for easier paddling.
  • Werner's fiberglass shaft gives you light weight and less fatigue, at a more modest price. Standard with the “Tweener” size, it gives a diameter that fits well for all hand sizes.


Shaft Option Pieces Weight Grams Weight Ounces Length Range
Straight 2 Piece 744g. 26.25oz. Adjustable 54" - 70" Fits 6 to 13 as they grow.
Blade Surface Area 85 in2
Blade Length x Width 18in x 6.5in