Starboard - Lima Tufskin - 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle

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Combining a race-winning blade shape and durable construction, the Starboard Lima Tufskin 2-Piece stand up paddle introduces novice paddlers to more powerful performance.


  • Carbon shaft uses carbon filament wound with a precise amount of resin infusion for a lightweight, strong and economical construction
  • Tufskin blade is made from strong and extremely durable ABS
  • Concave and cupped blade integrates the shape of the Starboard World Champion Lima paddle with a durable construction that has a slim profile, high stiffness and lower weight
  • Concaved on the power face to guide the water throughout the blade, controlling wobbling and increasing water flow speed
  • The large tip area allows for maximum forward motion even if the blade is not fully submerged
  • Slim profile reduces weight by 15 g to improve efficiency
  • Made from recycled plastics, the handle has a silky smooth feel and is lighter than comparable composite handles
  • Flat top and wide grip create powerful leverage for the whole paddle and blade so you can steer on slight angles with full power—especially good for side winds
  • Deeper grip allows your fingers to grip all the way around the paddle
  • Redesigned Tiki Super Smooth Clamp reduces water infiltration and controls the alignment without twisting; lever offers a smooth open-and-close sensation
  • Included trash picker lets you pick up plastic and other trash floating in the water; made from recycled plastic
  • Adjustable from 62.6 to 84.8 in.
  • Starboard is a certified B Corporation



  • Technical Specs
    Best Use

    Paddle Boarding



    Blade Construction


    Shaft Construction


    Blade Size

    16.5 x 7.2 inches

    Blade Surface Area (sq. in.)

    84 square inches

    Grip Type

    Palm Grip


    1 lb. 11 oz.

    Blade-to-Shaft Offset

    10 degrees