Surfco - Breakaway SUP or Longboard Fin Screw & Plate - Pack of 2

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Replacement breakaway plastic tabs and screws for SUP and longboard fins. Set comes with two (2) plastic tabs and (2) screws. Designed to break with serious impact so the fin comes free without damaging the finbox. Order a few extra sets to keep on hand!

  • Nylon plate is designed to break upon impact preventing fin box damage.
  • Fits Standard SUP or Longboard Fin Box.
  • Tightens with flat head screw driver.
  • Nylon Plate Size: .55" x .55" x .15"   (14mm x 14mm x 4mm)
  • Brass Screw: 3/4" (19 mm) 8-32 Threads, Corrosion resistant,