Wax Buddy

Wax Buddy - Surf Wax Comb & Scraper with Bottle Opener

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The WAX BUDDY with bottle opener is the perfect Multi Tool for surfers. An eco-friendly , ergonomically designed three-in-one surf tool. Perfect as a scraper for removing wax because of the leverage from the well designed handle. It works equally well as a wax comb to create those great grooves to improve traction. It's other side cleans rails quickly and efficiently. Now you can also open your favorite bottled beverage with this tool. 
The WAX BUDDY is manufactured from 100% recycled ABS plastic. ABS plastic is widely used for its strength and durability. The plastic is also one of the most highly regarded for consumer goods because it is safe and does not contain the harmful substances found in other plastics. We use recycled ABS plastic to ensure your WAX BUDDY maintains its strength without contributing harmful substances into our environment. We love the sea and think our boards should reflect that. The WAX BUDDY is all about cleaner boards for cleaner waves.